Loreto Educational Centre, Gauteng, South Africa

Sr Helen Hartnett & Sr Mary Hughes, Gauteng, South Africa

A very heartfelt thanks to you and the members of the Apostolic work for the very generous donation of £3000.00. 

Lerato Educational Centre is a project to support unemployed women and to create a place of safety for young children in the Informal Settlement of Jackson’s Drift.

We run an educational centre for 500 children ranging from Crèche to Junior Primary (3-11) years.  At Lerato they are offered the opportunity to be in school, and to receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch daily.

Your generous donation is allocated for children living in extreme poverty, their homes are overcrowded shacks with very little protection from our lovely African sun and torrential rain at times.

Due to Covid -19 food parcels are a priority and also to get the children back into a school routine.  Unfortunately, many of them came back after the lockdown undernourished, now with regular daily meals, they begin to look healthy again.

With much thanks and appreciation,

Sale of Knitted Goods
Planting of the Mission Tree

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