Diocese of Eluru, India


Fr T John of the Diocese of Eluru in India has written to our President Mary Mc Grath in appreciation of the support he has been given by Apostolic Work during the current pandemic.

Prayerful greetings from Fr. T. John, Diocese of Eluru. I do pray that you are keeping sound health by the grace of our Lord Jesus.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the kind and generous help of £500 during this pandemic time where everyone is a victim in one way or the other. As you know at present COVID-19 cases are increasing rapidly in our country and my parish and even in sub stations it is spreading. Some of the people lost their lives and others are quarantined; this affects the poor most. No work, no food; the most affected people are poor and marginalised.

During this period of time you have sent me 45,035 Rs to supply food for the poor families; I have made use of your kind help for the same purpose. I have informed the people about your generosity and requested everyone to pray for your good health, the whole parish is interceding for you and I do pray for you during the mass in a special way.

May I give you the details of the food supply; Vegetables of seven kinds and rice of five kilos are distributed to all the people who deserve it most.  Along with 7 kinds of vegetables and 5 kilos of rice there were 500 Rs for 18 quarantined families to buy medicine, milk, and fruits.


  • Vegetables Rs 15,000
  • Rice 20 bags Rs 19,000
  • Quarantined family support 18×Rs 500= Rs 9000
  • Transportation Rs 5,000
  • Covers for packing Rs 1,500

Total Expenditure; Rs 49,500

I do not know how to express my gratitude to you but gratitude is the healthiest emotion of a human being and this emanates from my heart and flows to you like a river. I am ever grateful to you for your continuous support and you are always in my prayers. Thank you very much.

Yours in Jesus Christ
Fr. T. John
Parish Priest

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