Diocese of Vellore, India

Apostolic Work Down Connor 3

Father Dayalarj has long provided pastoral and spiritual support to his parishioners in the Diocese of Vellore in India .

In addition he provided financial support and sustenance to families in April at the height of the first wave of the global Corona Virus Pandemic.

Most of the people currently being supported by Father Dayalarj are labourers employed in nearby leather companies as day wagers.

He says the lives of these families are doubly  jeopardised by both the Pandemic and uncertain and poorly paid employment opportunities.

Many of the 125 families on his list of families identified as at risk in Tamil Nadu  were originally given food packets comprising 10kg of rice and Dal, oil and other food essentials.These families urgently require the same again in order to survive .

Diocese of Eluru, India
Socially Distant Visitor

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